how-Oatly-stands-out-in -their-industry-with-brand-personality


how Oatly stands out in their industry with brand personality

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Oatly is notorious for a having a ridiculously funny brand personality/voice.

When you think of a milk brand, is being funny one of the top things you think of? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Oatly use that to their advantage. Their brand is known for doing things outrageous & unexpected. Something other milk brands simply aren’t doing.

Standing out in your industry is something hard to tackle, but something Oatly has mastered. It’s why brand designers research some much to come up with the best brand strategy for your business.


Find this example on Oatly’s site here.

Oatly speaks directly to their audience in a casual way. They’re typically very direct, transparent, and not afraid to be blunt. They perfectly show that buyers connect with real people.

I always say, when they vibe with you they vibe with what you sell. Oatly has wrapped me right in & I want to buy from them simply because of how much joy I get from reading their humorous copy.

Find this example on Oatly’s site here.

Their copywriter, Marcus, is practically the mastermind behind it all. It’s why I always recommend getting copywriting done first before we design your website.

Copywriting benefits aside, Marcus uses his train of thought to humanize the Oatly brand. Saying things like “Yes, I am a little annoyed”. Honestly, the whole section is chef’s kiss.

Again, they aren’t afraid to be transparent (something so many people value in a brand!). They aren’t afraid to admit, “hey, this part of the site isn’t done because change isn’t easy!”

Then, they bring it back to connect with their audience and the relevance of the statement: “But, we know that change is necessary for the human race if we want to continue living on a planet that is healthy for generations to come”


What if I told you that you could start standing out in your industry just like Oatly right now? Like…seriously…right now!

We know Oatly has a funny, care-free, witty brand voice. But, what is yours like? Look into your industry & find the gap. How can you brand communicate differently?

While your brand personality is the traits that humanize your brand, your brand voice is how your brand communicates. It’s important to keep this in mind when working on your marketing and messaging.


This example is of a brand I designed called “Big Feelings, Awesome Kids”. Their focus is to help the parents of highly sensitive children.

So often, the industry is focused on helping the kids rather than the parents. The often sugar-coat what the experience of raising highly sensitive kids is really like or they use overly “sciencey” language.

Are you ready look into your industry and find the gap like Oatly did? Create a brand you know will stand out!

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