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You know what time it is, friend! BRANDDDD DEEEEP DIVEEEE TIMEEE!

I’ve wrapped up another branding project & it’s time to show you the ins & outs on how I created it. From mood board to a fully developed brand identity!

This one was a bit of a challenge, not gonna lie. We wanted to find a perfect balance of sophistication & fun. Cue One, Two Step by Ciera: “I’m sophisticated fun 💅”

Not leaning too juvenile, since after all, this business is for the parents not the kids.


Sophisticated, fun mood board for Big Feelings, Awesome Kids. Pops of coral, yellow, pink, & navy.

Meet Jill, the founder of Big Feelings, Awesome Kids! Her business hasn’t officially launched yet but go give her a follow on Insta!

Review by Jill from Big Feelings, Awesome Kids reads "Loving the brand & so is everyone else! Thank you so much for creating something so perfect and with so much meaning in every piece of the design."

When researching into her industry competitors, it was clear there was an over saturation of certain looks.

Such as:

  • Focus too much on how to help the kids rather than the parents
  • Overly Juvenile
  • Scientific jargon

So, how would we solve this?

  • Lean into the fun pops of color & balance it out with navy to bring in that sophisticated touch
  • Be approachable! 
  • Focus on the parents rather than the kids
Primary Logo for Big Feelings, Awesome Kids.
Logo explanation of Big Feelings, Awesome Kids.
Open box with a branded pattern tissue paper and a custom sticker design for Big Feelings, Awesome Kids.

When you invest in a full brand identity, you get way more than just a logo. You get loads of brand assets you can use across multiple platforms.

From brand patterns to use in packaging, newsletter signs ups, Instagram highlight covers to brand marks to add in some personalized touches to your website!

And because I just loveeee designing websites, I designed a lil’ mockup of what the Big Feelings, Awesome Kids website could look like.

Of course the home page would normally have way more info on it like an about section, services, etc. but this is just for fun 😉

Custom website design for Big Feelings, Awesome Kids.

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