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hey girllll

I'm Cagney!

The designer who loves bold colors, funky fonts, and putting your personality front and center through authentic branding and web design.

When I first branded my illustration business, I did what any other small business owner would do, look up what everyone else was doing. 

Which resulted in a whole bunch of self-sabotage that I was never gonna make it as a young, creative business owner (screw you imposter syndrome). 

Because I must talk like *this* to finally get to 10k followers, my brand must look like *this* to get hundreds of orders, and my website must be like *this* because clearly that’s what everyone is obsessed with, right?


I tried to talk like *that*, make my brand look like *that*, and create a website like *that*, and it got me questioning what the hell I was doing?

Doing all the things I thought I was supposed to be doing, left me burnt out with little to no results.

It was when I realized being authentically me was my superpower.

Once I ditched the copy-cat method that clearly wasn’t working (duh!), I got reaaallll comfortable with just being me. 

Because why the hell was I trying to hide that?

It was time I rebranded to something that truly felt like me & ditch the professional talk because, let’s be real, I don’t use big words like that in real life.

So, I switched up my offers from custom illustrations to bold, personality-packed branding and web design for passionate creatives like you.

And you already know I wasn't going to be a dark & moody, neutral color, luxury font loving brand designer despite that being the standard in my industry.

Because that just isn't me.

I quickly realized I wanted to help other passionate creatives stand out in their industry.

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Alex - my fiancé, soon-to-be-wife, who makes me laugh every single day.

Blogs - what I love reading every night before bed. I also may have my own coming soon. ;)

Expressive - what all my friends call me because I can’t hide any emotions on my face.

Capricorn - my birth sign (Christmas Eve baby what upppp).

Dedicated - to creating personality-packed brands for fellow creative biz owners.

u - z

p - t

k - o

f - j

a - e






Food Network - what I used to watch weekly at my grandparents house.

Games - something I’m obsessed with despite how many times my friends try to convince me to not play them for the 4th night in a row.

Jogging - what I try to get into every 8 months.

Hey Girlllll - what I say every time my friends call or facetime me.

Introvert - I’m a girl who loves her alone time, what can I say.

u - z

p - t

k - o

f - j

a - e






Keep in Touch - something we should do because we’re friends now. Follow along on the 'gram.

Luna - my youngest cat, who rightfully got the nickname Lunatic.

Oh No She Didn’t - what I say to my childhood friend when she tells me the latest drama from kids we went to high school with.

Margarita - what I have in my hand if I’m eating Mexican food.

Nugget - my favorite cat (shh, don’t tell Luna) who loves to snuggle, but don’t you dare try to pick him up; he hates that. 

u - z

p - t

k - o

f - j

a - e






Perfectionist - Something I try so hard not to be, but I just can’t help.

Questions - what I love asking. No, seriously though. I have 3 question games in my collection.

Three - the amount of times i’ve probably facetimed my mom today.

Root Beer - what I think is the worst drink evaaa. Sorry not sorry.

Sour Beer - my fav type of beer for the summertime.

u - z

p - t

k - o

f - j

a - e







University of North Georgia - where I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

Value - what your business will grow in when you invest in good, professional branding.

You Might Make Fun of Me for This - the name of my middle school throwback playlist.

Wine Stewardess - what I did as my part-time job during my senior year of college and about 7 months post grad.

Xdjbdjgbsfj - what I just yelled with excitement because I got my engagement pictures back as I’m writing this.

u - z

p - t

k - o

f - j

a - e

Zzzz - what people will do if your branding and website are boring & don’t feel like you. Good thing, brand & web design is sorta my thanggg.

let's do this thing

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