4 things I learned in business thanks to skincare

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Tiktok did it again.

After seeing so many skincare girlies rave about it, I caved.

I’m a certified Gus Sha girl. And I hate to say it, but the Tiktok girlies were right.

It works.

If you’re unfamiliar, a Gua Sha essentially depuffs your face and drains your lymph nodes. Makin’ you looked snatched as hell.

And as a person whose face always looks puffy regardless of how hard I work at the gym, this Gua Sha really came through.

Now that I’m obsessed with my new skincare routine, it got me thinking a lot about how it relates to business.

4 things I learned in business all because I changed up my skin care routine


Just like your skincare routine, you can’t be changing it up each week. If you want to see the real results, you’ve got to stick with it.

You can’t change your brand fonts or colors every time you post, yet expect people to recognize your brand.

You can’t be inconsistent with your brand messaging and then show up on a call with a client having them think “wait, who they heck is this?!”

You can’t have a super on brand website only to leave your Instagram a hot mess.


As long as you’re sticking with your branding & showing up in a way that connects with your target audience, it’s okay to experiment with your strategies!

Take my Creative Coffee Chats for example! I was getting soooo bored with my Instagram. Sure, I was staying on brand, but it was starting to not be fun.

It was getting dull. Just like how my skin felt before I started using my brightening serum. (My skin is absolutely glowinggggg now btw!)

Switching this up in my skincare routine made me go from dreading it to feeling like I’m at a spa and having so much fun.

The same can be true with how you approach showing up on social media. Experiment! See what works for you and what engages your audience!


I’m no skincare expert, but switching up your entire routine is not always the answer. 

Maybe your acne isn’t because of the skincare products you’re using, but actually from stress. Or hormones. Or the foods you eat. Or just straight up hereditary!! 

Branding may not be the solution to your problem. Really evaluate what you’re struggling with in business. Why am I not landing the clients I want?

Is it the first year in business & you’re not giving yourself enough grace? Is it the copy on your website? Is it your process? Is it your brand messaging? Do you love to post and ghost for 6 months? 


Your skincare routine, just like your branding and website, are going to be different from everyone else.

Just because it works for them, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. AND THAT’S OKAY! 

We all have different goals in business. 

Just because someone else has a bold, playful brand, doesn’t mean you have to. What if that wouldn’t even connect with your ideal clients?

Just because someone else is out there making $10k a month, doesn’t mean you or I have to do that. What if being successful to you means you can go get your hair done in the middle of the day?


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