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Branding for a luxe, editorial event planner

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Another branding project complete & I’m so excited to share it with you. I’ve already shared a sneak peek on Instagram, but you get the exclusive brand deep dive.

As you probably know, I LOVE designing bold, playful, colorful brands. So, when I got an inquiry to do a chic & moody brand I was a bit hesitant…

I’ve NEVER really done something like this! But, hey, there’s a first time for everything & boy once I started mood boarding I was so damn excited to bring this brand to life.


Editorial, chic, timeless, luxe mood board for a wedding & event planner

Meet Veronica, the founder of Veronica Feldman Events! She provides a personalized and streamlined wedding and event planning process for all of life’s celebrations. 

I mean just look at her brand photos! This helped so much when designing the desired look for her branding. When researching into her industry competitors, it was clear there was an over saturation of certain looks.

Such as:

  • Serif fonts paired with a script font
  • Monogram logos
  • Muted or light & airy colors

So, how would we solve this?

  • Lean into dark & moody colors with pops of pink
  • No script fonts! It’s too overdone!
  • Design an editorial inspired brand
Secondary logo with a horizontal layout for the branding. The logo is on top of 3 images with a black opacity overlay.
Explanation of the primary logo for Veronica Feldman Events, a wedding & event planner, branding.
Primary logo for Veronica Feldman Events branding

When designing her project add ons (mini website landing page, services guide, business card), I made sure to really implement the editorial vibe we were going for.

Editorial design typically has:

  • Oversized, bold typography
  • Dark & moody
  • A very luxurious look

Image Credit

Left: Melissa Harans Middle: Thibaud Allie Right: Antipo

So, I did just that! Really leaning into bold, oversized type. Using the pops of pink sparingly since loads of pink is over used in her industry.

Scroll on & take a look at the website

Website mockup of a bold, luxe, & editorial brand. Lots of black and white images paired with pops of pink text.

Consistency is key when using your branding. This goes for on your website, social media platforms, business card, services brochure, art market booths, etc.

You’ll want to make sure you’re using all of your design elements as intended by your brand designer. 

Take a look at Veronica’s services brochure ↓

Mockup of Veronica's services brochure. A tri-fold brochure give to people interested in her wedding & event planning services.

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