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Imma be so real…I see these 4 things lacking all the time in creative business’ branding & web design. So much so, I had to write a whole newsletter, blog post, & Instagram post about it.

And maybe you don’t know much about branding your creative business. Or designing a personality-packed website from scratch.

But what you do know about? Dating apps.

Your creative business’ branding and website are just like a dating profile.


“NOPE.” *swipes left*

✅ ✅ ✅

“oOOOOooO OKAYYY I could vibe with this person” *swipes right*

I’ve been in my Bumble BFF era for about a year now & lemme tell you, it is not for the weak.

Just like the dating apps, there’s a lot of pressure to make sure your profile perfectly depicts you and how freaking cool you are – I’m cool, right?

Filling in allll the prompts to show off your 10/10 personality.

Go-to karaoke song? Strut by Cheetah Girls, obviously. 💅

Ideal night out? Going to breweries & sucking at trivia. 🍻

Ideal BFF date? Grabbing smoothies/coffee & going on a Hot Girl Walk. ☕️ 🌿🚶‍♀️

And, of course, pairing it with all the perfect images.

One of me by myself, one with friends (because I have other friends, I swear!!! 😳), me laughing (because I’m hilarious 🤪), and more pictures with friends.

You get it.

And if you’ve never been on a dating app, honestly, props to you. I hope you’re thriving. 👏

Getting a match with someone you totally saw yourself vibing with? 

An IMMEDIATE boost of serotonin. 

It’s just like when your dream client inquiries & you can’t wait to chat with them.

How can you perfectly depict your creative business and how freaking cool you are to work with?


Your point of view aka your thoughts and opinions on things. They show off what type of person you are & what type of values you hold. If they ain’t gonna vibe with that, they ain’t gonna vibe with you.

As I always say, “When they vibe with you, they vibe with what you sell”.

And that’s the kind of energy we want girl!!! 👏


In the same vein, get creative in the ways you show off your personality!

Six photos of you smiling with zero prompts & a bland ass bio saying “let’s connect!”  tells me absolutely nothing about you…

Show you being goofy! Show what you’re obsessed with!

If someone associated one thing with you, what would it be? Lean into that.

My friend Katie is a Louisiana Diet Coke obsessed girlie who has a love for community.

My friend Jessie is a fitness running queen who has a love for writing.

Sara is a Cape Cod beach loving writer who is a Chatty Cathy just like me.

I’m a Chatty Cathy who has a love for storytelling and personality-packed design.


If you’re hilarious in your profile, but then dry as hell in the chats…I’m out.

Where’s the person I thought I was meeting?!

The same goes with your branding. Keep it consistent on your website, your socials, your newsletter, and your copy (aka all the words you write on your website, instagram captions, your newsletter, etc).

If you’re out-going & funny on your socials, but then super reserved & quiet when you show up to talk to your clients…they’re going to be so confused.

Like I mentioned before, I loveee to talk. It’s why I created my Instagram reels series “Creative Coffee Chat”.

It’s also why I love chatting with potential clients on discovery calls on how my branding & web design services can help them book dream clients. (Wanna book your call? Inquire here!)


I can bet you when you showed up confidently on a client call, they booked your creative service & you totally vibed with the client.

Show up confidently! Because the biggest cheerleader you have is yourself.

When you’re authentically you and your brand + web match that vibe, you’ll start attracting your dream clients. 

My past client, Meghan, a wedding planner & designer, did a total rebrand because her site felt juvenile and was attracting DIY brides. 

After the rebrand, she started attracting those high-ticket dream couples. Now, she’s fully booked out for the year.


Now, go switch up some photos & update those prompts. Because I want your brand & website to attract your absolute dream clients.


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