What even is brand strategy & why should your biz have it?

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If you’ve ever looked into investing in brand design, it’s likely you’ve heard brand designers throw around the phrase “brand strategy”. But, what the hell even is brand strategy?!

Let’s break down some key things you’ll want to know for your business:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Purpose
  • Business Vision
  • Business Mission
  • Brand Values

Brand Strategy is the research-based strategy that brand designers use to make your business stand apart from the rest of your competitors & help become the leading brand in that industry

There’s a lot that goes into brand strategy. From your brand foundations (purpose, vision, mission, values) to analyzing the market and your competitors, to your brand personality, voice, etc.

Some brand designers go super in depth in the strategy phase & with extensive brand strategy comes a higher price. It’s important to think about what works best for you and your business and what you’re comfortable investing.

For those just starting out, some basic strategy will still set your business up for success! With every brand I design, I put strategy in place to ensure I’m coming up with the best design solution for your business.

Without strategy, your business can end up looking like everyone else in your industry. No one wants their business blending in with everyone else only to be forgotten about.

Let’s make a stand-out, personality-packed brand identity that your audience will be obsessed with. So, how can you do that?

Brand Foundations

Your brand foundations (a key part of your brand strategy) include the purpose, mission, values, & vision for your brand. This unique framework sets your brand apart from others in your industry.

Think of your business as a house. Your Brand Foundations are the 4 key things that make up the foundation of your business. It’s why you do what you do, how you’ll make a difference in the industry, what you care about as a business, and how you’ll reach your goals.

If you know those 4 things, you’re likely passionate about your product or service and that’s what I like to hear!!! And if you’re unsure how to come up with your purpose, mission, values, and vision, don’t worry! That’s what I’m here to help you out on.

Coming up with your brand purpose

This is your company’s “why”. Why you created this business beyond the money. Consider the emotion connection you have to your brand or what problem you’re solving for others.

Let’s really break down why started your business in the first place. Do you have a passion for art and your friends & family start asking you to commission some pieces for them? Is it the reaction you get to see when people use your product? Is it the joy you get when you made someone else’s life 10x easier with your product/service?

When you really sit there and think about it, what’s your why?

If you’re going into business purely for the money, it won’t be sustainable long-term. Your customers can also see right through it when someone isn’t passionate about what they’re selling.

Before I was a Brand and Web Designer, I was an Illustrator who sold prints. At first, I did really love it! But, a year down the line I was no longer passionate and people noticed. Inquires slowed down, I started making products that were misaligned just for the sake that “well, everyone else is selling this so it must be good”.

That’s when I pivoted to designing brand identities and custom websites because that’s something I was truly passionate about. It’s something I could talk about for hours and not get bored. It’s something I wanted other people to be just as obsessed as I was.

Let’s figure out your brand vision

Where do you want your brand to be in the future? Think of your long-term goal for your business. Where will you be in 5 years? 10 years?

It’s important to think about your long-term business goals for two reasons:

  • It means you’re taking your business seriously
  • Knowing these long-term goals will help you come up with a plan and help you achieve those goals

I recently designed the brand identity for Big Feelings, Awesome Kids, a business who helps parents of highly sensitive children. Let’s take a look at their business vision!


What about your business mission?

Your mission is how you get to your vision. What actions are you taking to get to your future goals for your business?

If you’re a planner like me, you’ll want to start writing out your goals and action steps. Right above my desk I have a white board of my “2023 Goals”. They’re broken down into 6 categories (health, business, money, home, relationship, & miscellaneous.

I love having my goals somewhere that I can see them on a daily basis! We’ve all been there, setting New Year’s Resolutions just to forget about them by February. So write those action steps down where you’ll see them. It could be in a planner, a page on Notion, or whatever personally works for you!

For Big Feelings, Awesome Kids their mission looks a little something like this:


Let’s come up with your brand values

Think of your own values as a person — things such as authenticity, passion, etc. The values determine how you show up as a brand & help your customers.

Since Big Feelings, Awesome Kids works with parents of highly sensitive children, their values consist of:

  • EMPOWERMENT: So often, resources are focused around the children rather than the parents of highly sensitive kids. It’s time we empower the parents.
  • RELIABILITY: As the nerve center, our customers can always turn to us for a sense of community & safe space.
  • RESILIENCE: As things change, we are able to shift and evolve as a company and for the parents.
  • GROWTH: We aim for progress over perfection. Every family and child is different & therefore there is no “perfect” way to raise your children.
  • GRATITUDE: Though parenting can be hard, we look into the positives that come along with the journey.
  • JOY: What are we here for if we don’t continue to infuse joy into our lives – either by chance or with purpose.

Ready to put your brand strategy to action?

You’ve got all the foundational pieces you need to put your brand strategy together. Now, it’s time to get a brand designer to put in the work and deep dive on more research. With brand strategy set it place, you’ll be sure to have a brand identity that stands out against your competitors. Sound like a plan?

I’m Cagney, a vibrant designer who’s ready to get you excited about personal branding.

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