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Hey girl! I'm Cagney!

It’s my favorite time…BRAND DEEP DIVE time! 💃

I’ve wrapped up another branding & web project and now it’s time to show you the ins & outs on how I created it. From mood board to a fully developed brand identity & stunning Showit website to match!

For this Brand Deep Dive, we’re getting all the Noah Kahan vibes (um my literal dream???).

I know Noah Kahan is from cold ass Vermont and this brand is for an photographer based out of Oregon, which is the literal opposite side of the country.

But, my friend, Joy, compared this brand to Noah Kahan and I can’t unsee it and it made me fall in love with this brand even more!!!


Meet Lindsay, the founder of Lindsay Newton Photography She’s all about capturing the adventures we live everyday. Her senior sessions are packed with personality and the beautiful Oregon coast as their backdrop. From adventure to local to a mix of the two, she’s got the type of photo sessions for every type of high school senior.


When Lindsay first inquired, she wanted to switch website platforms because she hated her Zenfolio site (any other photographers wanting to make the switch from Zenfolio to Showit, let’s chat 😉)

When I went to her site, I noticed there was no branding set in place. Branding not only helps you stand out in your industry and target your ideal audience, but it also gives us designers some creative direction for your website.

Without branding set in place, you’ll be choosing random fonts and colors that you’ll likely be bored of in just a couple weeks since there’s no brand strategy set in place from the get go.

Luckily for Lindsay, most of her clients came from word of mouth and she had become known as the go-to high school senior photographer in her area.

But now it was time to have a website to match that reputation. Because let’s be real, you could have the greatest creative service out there, but if your website doesn’t match that same credibility…you’re missing out on so many potential clients.


Once we completed her brand (which basically got approved on the first go around – what a win!!! 🎉), we moved onto designing her new website.

To give the website an editorial vibe, we went for bold, slightly over-sized headlines. The brand colors give all the earthy adventure vibes we wanted. And her photography and copy (aka the words on her site) add in those touches of fun.


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