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Hey girl! I'm Cagney!


That’s where the true transformation is.

It’s the thing I hear over and over again from the creative women I design brands and websites for.

When talking with potential clients during their discovery call*, a lot of them are struggling when it comes to branding their business or designing their website. They 1) lack the time,  2) lack the confidence, and/or 3) are avoiding it like the freaking plague. (Sounds familiar?!)

*Discovery Calls: a quick free call we have after you inquire, where I get to learn more about your business goals, why you do what you do, what your business needs, & we decide which service is right for you!

And I get it, because while you’re absolutely killin’ it at your creative passion turned full-fledged business, the last thing you’re gonna think about is another creative task. Let alone one that isn’t in your zone of genius and one you absolutely dread but know you gotta do.

But let’s be real,

How are you feelin’ when someone asks to see your website?

“Oh…*awkwardly laughs*…still working on that…” or “Oh that ol’ thing? Just DM on Instagram instead.” (Remember when IG shut down?! Yeah, let’s not rely on her)

Do you keep getting some not-so-ideal clients?

This is where branding comes into play. Not only will strategy-based branding (read this blog post to see why brand strategy is important!), attract your dream clients, but it will also make your business their go-to choice in the industry.

(Moira Rose is 100% backing me up on this)

Imagine if instead you could feel like this,

When people ask for your website,

You’re excited to send them the link because your website is a true reflection of you and the passion you put into your creative business.

The dream clients come rolling in,

Because you invested in creating a brand for your business rather than just the one-off logo in Canva you designed in 5 minutes.

And with all of that, comes CONFIDENCE.

That’s where the true transformation is.

Ready for that to be you? Transform your business!


I’m Cagney, a vibrant designer who’s ready to get you excited about personal branding.

If you’re new here, helloooo fellow creative! I have a feeling you & I are gonna vibe together real quick, just like your people will with you real soon

hey girl!

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